Hello, I&#8217d like to give a little background about my experience with Linux, before you start browsing my site, to get a sense for where I am coming from. For a number of years now , I have been using Linux to some degree, and have been using it more and more, while using Windows less and less.

I have recently found a number of Linux reviewers on Youtube that have inspired me to make a page that hopefully can show that Linux is not something that is just for programmers or advanced users.

Showing Tutorials, My reviews (as well as others), and sites that have helped me over the years, is TRUE goal I have with this section. The Linux related ideas I came up with to add to the main site started to get way out of hand to put in a "small section" so that's when I decided to do the split into TechHQ (former WIndows Section ... and still has some crossplatform stuff) and LinuxHQ.( Read More )